We have various projects running at the moment.

Independent Advocacy: we currently have two advocates working for Carmarthenshire People First:

Tim Reilly, who is a Generic Advocate

Tim makes sure that people with a learning disability are the ones who make the decisions that effect their lives.

Tim helps people with a learning disability get access to all the services they need and to have a real say in how they live their lives. 

Tim supports people by going with them to meetings to discuss the services they receive and ensuring that their voices are heard.

Tim can help people to complain if they are unhappy with a service or find the organisation they need to help them with their problem.


Ffion Davies is our Health Advocate

Ffion will help you to understand exactly what is going on in relation to you, your health and your general well-being.

She can sort out any problems you might have and help guide you to the right services to make sure you stay healthy.

She can also help you to understand much of the difficult information you receive about your health by avoiding the complicated words and terms used by medical professionals and telling you what you really need to know in easy language.


Our Training department is run by Ruth Lewis in partnership with Frances Lee Training 

They deliver a range of training courses which are affordable and practical. They can provide the following course:

Learning Disability Equality Awareness

Keeping Myself Safe

Check 4 Change

Understanding Advocacy.......

And many more,  just use the link below for more details and other courses we can provide to you.

http://www.carmarthenshirepeoplefirst.co.uk/CPF and Frances training.pdf